Keep Track of your TV Watching with Followshows

Keeping track of where you are in a given tv series is a relatively new problem that didn’t exist back when most people consumed media via cable television or dvd box sets. Even today it is not an issue if you follow a small number of shows religiously and watch episodes as they are released. But if you find yourself following 10+ shows, some of which you aren’t fully caught up on – it becomes important to track your progress and keep tabs on which shows are in or out of season. This is further complicated by the fact that you may consume your media on a number of different platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon, iTunes, or less savoury means of media acquisition.

The best solution I’ve found is Followshows, a web-based solution that is cleanly designed and a pleasure to use. Followshows makes it easy to mark episodes as watched, and even links to all available streaming services for any given episode. It gives you a number of ways to visualize your “queue” including a weekly calendar view, a list grouped by show, or a chronological backlog.

Screenshot below:

Screenshot 2014-12-30 16.16.44